Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Notepad ++

>>>Notepad + + is a source code-editor which "Syntax Highlighting" & "Syntax Folding".It supports languages like: c, c + +, java, html, xml, php, javascript, makefile, ASP, VB, SQL, Objective-C etc. Notepad + + is code in C + + with win32api(without MFC strictly) to be small and efficient source code editor.

>>>The program is more than a simple text editor, bringing lots of really note worthy features like the color of the symbols, loading files of any size, searching and replacing text, printing the source code in color, drag & drop support, macro recording and playback, etc.

Notepad + + features a PCRE or Perl Compatible Regular Expression.This option enables searching and easily replacing syntax or code. It is also possible to have a map of the document for an overview.

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